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About the contract

By signing the signed travel contract, both parties accept the contractual obligations arising out of this Agreement. The organizer is obliged to arrange the trip according to the agreement and the offered travel program, and in the manners of a good organizer with accurately emphasized services, types and category of transport, hotel category, museum tours, archeological sites, natural and cultural contents, additional activities etc. Travel agreement signed between organizer and the representative of a group of passengers (clubs, associations, companies etc.) includes the same provisions as for the individual signed contract.

About travel information

If the organizer of the trip before the start of the journey has made a substantial change to the agreed package arrangement (travel program, accommodation, price, transport etc.) it is obliged to notify the passenger in writing. The traveler is obliged to notify the tour organizer within 2 business days of accepting or rejecting the package. If a traveler refuses new changes, he has the right to terminate the contract and the return of the already paid money in full. A traveler has no right to compensation if the package arrangement changes due to extraordinary external circumstances that the organizer could not foresee, avoid or eliminate. The organizer may change the date of the trip and / or the daily program to adapt to the new situation due to unforeseen circumstances (disasters, strikes, elemental disasters, security of residence and / or transit, local authorities' recommendations). As relevant, the Organizer accepts the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. The organizer reserves the right to deviate from the date or hour of travel in the case of tourist arrangements where the mean of transportation is an aircraft due to a possible change of flight order. If the above mentioned circumstances occur, the traveler has no right to compensation. Notifications received by the Traveler by an oral means at the application site are not binding on the organizer to a greater extent than the information and information provided in the travel and contract travel program


About the payment

For each trip, the price of the package is emphasized, and it is related to the number of passengers participating in the trip. The amount can be stated in kuna or euro and the payment is made in Croatian kuna with the calculation of the exchange rate of the Euro - Croatian kuna. The traveler must make an advance payment of package arrangement 6 months before the start of the trip to secure the term. Advance payment is 50% of the package price. The traveler is obliged to make the payment of the remaining arrangement up to 30 days before the start of the trip. A traveler can also make a payment for a complete package of arrangements when booking a reservation.

About cancellation of travel

The traveler may waive the travel for personal reasons by covering part of the costs incurred. Travel cancellation shall be filed solely in writing; personally, by mail or by e-mail. In case of cancellation the traveler pays: - 50% of the total price of the package if it is canceled 2 months before the start of the journey - 80% of the total price of the cancellation arrangement from 30 days to the beginning of the trip - the entire amount in case of absence at the beginning of the trip. Because of the small number of registered travelers, organizer can cancel the trip with the refund of the paid money. In the event of a travel cancellation the organizer is obliged to pay the traveler a refund of the corresponding part of the price within 14 days. If a contract is made out of the business premises, the passenger has the right within 14 days after the end of the contract to give up the same without reasoning. The organizer may terminate the travel agreement in the package prior to commencement of the journey and reimburse the traveler for all payments and without obligation to compensate the traveler if the organizer is prevented from escaping exceptional circumstances and if the passenger is notified of the breakup prior to the start of the package.


About the duties of passengers

The passenger is obliged to keep all his documents, luggage and other things valid and in accordance with the regulations of the country he / she is traveling. A diver who comes to a diving arrangement is required to have valid diving bottles with proof of attestation. The traveler is required to obtain all necessary travel documents and visas. The organizer is not responsible for any travel breaks or inability to meet the terms agreed upon by the travel agent if the problem is with the invalid travel documents.


About the rules of conduct

The traveler is obliged to abide by the rules of conduct on board and do not endanger the travel program with their procedures. In the case of a passenger causing damage to the service provider on board a ship, accommodation facility or means of transport, ie to prevent the regular and uninterrupted travel of the travel program, the passenger is obliged to immediately remedy the damage to the damaged party. If a traveler is at risk of traveling regularly, the organizer has the right to cancel the trip and it will be considered that the voyage has been interrupted at the request of the passenger. The traveler is obliged to abide by the legal and customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia. In the event of a travel break due to a breach of the law of the Republic of Croatia, all costs incurred shall be paid by the traveler.

About the objection

The traveler has the right to complain during or immediately after the end of the trip. Upon returning from the trip, the objection will be handed over to the organizer in writing within 8 days. The travel organizer is obliged to respond within 15 days. An objection can not be accepted when a ship's or airline carrier is involved and when due to that delay or change in the daily schedule of the trip. If the agency VAL d.o.o. works as a sub-agent, the complaint is submitted to the main travel organizer.

If passengers have not been able to resolve the dispute through a written complaint, they can contact the competent authorities to resolve alternative consumer disputes, such as:


2. CENTAR ZA MIRENJE PRI HRVATSKOJ GOSPODARSKOJ KOMORI (HGK) - Zagreb, Rooseveltov trg 2, www.hgk/category/sudovi-pri-hgk/centar-za-mirenje/o-mirenju





7. PROFI TEST d.o.o. Centar za mirenje „Medijator“, Bjelovar, Petra Hektorovića,


About insurance

All travelers on foreign trips are insured with the insurance company GENERALI OSIGURANJE d.d. on the basis of health insurance, and according to the terms of the insurance package during the journey and stay abroad (118-0701). Pursuant to the Tourism Services Act, a travel organizer is obliged to offer a passenger upon conclusion of a contract; - accident insurance and traveling illness - damage and loss of luggage - voluntary health insurance during times and stay abroad - insurance for travel cancellation - insurance which assures the cost of assistance and return of passengers to the place of originator in the event of an accident and illness. By signing the contract, the passenger confirms that a package of travel insurance is offered to him. In the case of a traveler requesting the above mentioned insurance, they can be arranged directly with one of the insurers or the travel organizer, where the tour organizer is only involved as an middle man. A travel insurance package can only be paid upon first installment payment. The traveler has no right to compensation or medical treatment when the treatment did not occur as a result of an accident - ie when the accident occurred due to the influence of alcohol or drugs. When concluding a contract between the traveler and the insurance company  the age of the traveler is not important. All other travel insurance terms are exclusive to the domain of the service provider, and the Organizer can not in any way affect them.


About insurance and compensation for damages

Travel organizer on travel programs shall be obliged to pay the insurance policy against the risk of travel cancellation. Insurance against travel cancelations valid only with written confirmation in the following cases: death, sudden acute illness, unfortunate case of severe bodily injury, pregnancy failure, suicide of the vaccine that the insured was required to receive, in accordance with the applicable regulations of the country to which he travels, damage to property caused by a fire or other elemental disaster declared by the competent authorities and military exercise. When making a travel cancellation insurance, the amount of travel insurance is the same as the travel price paid and paid by the insured person, depending on the type of insurance, the cost of the arrangement and the duration of the journey in days. The insurer pays 90% of the amount that the organizer has paid from the insured under the terms of the cancellation contained in the contract for the traveled tour. By paying travel cancellation insurance the traveler transfers all his claims to the insurance house he holds and VAL d.o.o. undertake to provide all the documentation necessary to obtain passenger receivables to the insurance company relating to the arrangement. In case of cancellation of the arrangement, no surcharge for aerodrome fees / port fees is payable for tourist arrangements where the airplane / boat is transported, as well as the cost of issuing the visa and in case the Traveler has paid the cancellation insurance. The policyholder has the discretion to recognize or remedy the right to compensation, depending on the circumstances determined.

The travel organizer has a locked bail insurance policy. In the event of a payment failure or bankruptcy of a travel organizer, passengers traveling on a journey should contact the Generali Osiguranje d.d. insurance company in the fastest way, at the contact number: +38514600400. This Agreement is valid as an insurance certificate in the case of bankruptcy or inability to pay travel organizer.

VAL d.o.o. has insurance company Generali osiguranje d.d. liability insurance for any damage caused to the traveler by failure, partial fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the obligations pertaining to the package arrangement. The Contracting Parties shall endeavor to resolve all disputes and issues arising out of this Agreement in a peaceful manner, unless otherwise agreed by the jurisdiction of the Court in Split. These general provisions will enter into force on 01.01.2019.


About dangers

Diving with compressed air is a potentially dangerous activity involving certain risks. Potential risks during the organization of such activities are: -various types of injuries -possibility of death -possible damage to the equipment. Persons under the age of 18 may only be provided with the written consent of their parent or guardian. The service provider may refuse to provide the service of diving to a person under the age of 18 irrespective of the consent of the parent or guardian.


Privacy Policy

VAL d.o.o. appreciates your privacy and the obligation to keep the collected data and to pass it only to third parties who are the service provider or the service provider who you have booked and paid through the VAL d.o.o. Your personal information may also be submitted to the  state authorities, according to the legal provisions. In order to have your correct personal information, please let us know as soon as the changes are made. Personal information collected by the agency for the purpose of organizing the travel you have booked, namely: name, last name, address of residence, date of birth, phone or mobile phone number, e-mail address. Use and retrieval of your personal information will only be used on the basis of a signed agreement granting you permission to use your information for purposes only and in the manner stated in this Privacy Policy. Your personal information is kept only as much as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected or as required by the statutory regulations. Deadlines also depend on the client's interest in contacting through contact data ie customer personal information. If the personal data are collected on the basis of a suspect's privacy, the data is kept until the client withdraws. With your inquiry you can get information about what your personal information is in our database and we can change or delete them on request. The Agency shall take all reasonable steps to prevent the use of unauthorized access to your personal data. If your personal data is unauthorized in our database, we are obliged to notify you within 72 hours. The Agency excludes liability for damages to customers to the maximum extent permitted by law. The electronic mail you have provided with your data is only used to meet your requirements. Such communication is not safe and there is a risk of stealing your data. The content and images on this web site are the property of VAL d.o.o. and you are not allowed to copy, display, distribute or post any information from these websites. It is forbidden to use the information provided on these websites for any illegal or prohibited actions.

The information and content on this site is considered correct at the time of entering. All data is regularly controlled by VAL d.o.o. reserves the right to change the data, conditions of use of the Website and other terms of business without any special warning. Changes do not affect the already made and paid reservations.

These web sites contain links to other sites, these links are only for your information, and VAL d.o.o. does not bear the responsibility for the accuracy of the information and content of those pages. Cookie is a text file that an internet browser stores on your computer when you first open a web page for the purpose of faster and easier navigation on that web page. The cookie contains no personal information.

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