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Croatia is a land of many islands with one of the most indented coasts in the world. There are more than 1246 islands and reefs to explore. Often described like a "Mediterranean as it once was" Croatia has a lot to show.   

With rich history, cultural heritage, natural beauties and diverse nightlife there are many possibilities how to spend your vacation.

We offer various types of cruises along the Croatian coast and here are some of the places you can visit.

Check tourist board of Croatia for more info:

Southern route


SPLIT - : [splît]

The roots of Split begin in 4th century BC with Greek colonies. Then the Roman Emperor Diocletian arrived to it's shores and built a palace. That very palace, today is the heart of Split.

Walk down the sunny main promenade, pass by the Iron Gates, see the Cellar's of Diocletian Palace or rub the lucky toe of Grgur Ninski.


BRAČ -:[brâːtʃ]

Brač is the heart of the famous stone that built the White House.

A place where you can hike to Vidova Gora, get a tan on Golden Horn (Zlatni rat), discover the fun in Bol, or have a taste in wine, olive oil & cheese.



OMIŠ - [ɔ̌miːʃ]

The town that growen on the shores of sea and river Cetina. Framed with crags of river's canyon Omiš rests within 12 miles long Omiš Riviera.

There you can explore pirate routes, try rafting on Cetina or get a taste of several "extreme" sports such as zipline, free climbing, water sports etc.


MAKARSKA - [mâkarskaː]

The town that is best known for it's 2 km long sandy beach. There you can visit Franciscan monastery, find Napoleon's monument or get lost in many perfect nature spots.


HVAR - [xv̞âːr]

Dance until the sunrise in Hvar, discover the history of Stari Grad, taste wine in Jelsa or swim on the southern side of the island. Go up and see the most magnificent view over the islands, Visit the abandoned villages and always eat good food.

Find out why Hvar is one of Croatia's most popular destinations.


VIS - [ʋîːs]

Vis is an island where you can find extensive vineyards and spectacular bays. You can snorkel in the emerald waters of Stiniva Cave, visit the Blue Cave, find fortresses and antique monuments or dive in gastronomy.

Find Tito's bunker, or explore the military tunnels all over the island.


KORČULA - [kɔ̂ːrtʃula]

An island with long history, natural beauty and many vineyards.

Go for a walk among fish bone streets of medieval city, discover the legend of Marco Polo's birth or see the Moreska dance.



Croatian lost paradise dotted with fields and small villages. Experience tranquility and visit the National Park's salt lakes. Discover the legend of place where Odysseus was captivated for seven years.


LASTOVO - [lâstɔv̞ɔ]

Lastovo is a new born tourist beauty that has been closed for 50 years by military.

Wander through the stone houses, take a look over fields of grapes and olives. Go fishing, sailing or diving. Explore military tunnels, find out why chimneys are so special in Lastovo or climb on the top of the island and just look around!


DUBROVNIK - [dǔbroːʋniːk]

The Pearl of Croatia has a long history of being a favorite place for a vacation in eyes of many. With vivid history mark, luxury touch and special atmosphere Dubrovnik really has it all.

Take a walk through the 1970 meter long city walls and visit the Aquarium & Maritime museum. Enjoy a panoramic view on the top of the Srđ or get lost somewhere between the streets and learn the story behind the Jewish Street.

Have a look at magnificent Karaga and find out why UNESCO included Dubrovnik on the World Heritage List.

Northern Route



PRIMOŠTEN - [prǐmɔʃtɛn]

Mediterranean fishing town with historical churches, long pebble beaches and a beautifol promenade full of festivities during summer nights. Have a taste of famous local wine Babić and enjoy a good night.



A home of peace, woods of pine and unspoiled beauty. Place where cars are not allowed and you can buy the corals or discover how are they made into jewellery. 


ŠIBENIK - [ʃîbe̞niːk]

A historic town with noblemen palaces, centuries old stone houses and unique medival monestery garden.

Visit the St. James cathedral, find the wells of Šibenik and take a tour around the aquarium.



After entering the canal of Šibenik first you get your eyes on the 16th century sea fort. From there, our route goes further through the beautiful  canyon of river Krka to small village of Skradin.


In Skradin you can start your journey to Krka waterfalls and there  explore the nature or try swimming underneath the waterfalls.

Try the local gastronomy and the famous "Skradinski risotto" or have a sip of good local wine.



VODICE - [ʋɔ̌ditsɛ])

Rest on the beautiful beaches or find the perfect spot for a coffee. Visit the maritime museum, take long walks along the coast and feel the fun of Vodice in the night.



Walk around the old stone streets, explore some of 34 old churches, see the Roman Forum and one of the oldest Universities in Europe. Hear the sound of the Sea Organ and see the light spectate of Sun Salutation.



Archipelago of 140 islands, of which 89 are declared to be a National Park.

There are no permanent residents and everything is about natural beauty and diverse coastline. Pass through a shallow passage Mala Proversa, get a look on Ancient Roman ruins in the sea, or find the walls of Roman salt factory.

Hike for a panoramic view and endorse the peace and tranquility.





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