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A little bit about diving


Croatia has more than thousand islands and reefs with many wracks, spectacular drops with walls full of red gorgonia corals, enormous caves with schools of fish swimming around and all kind of wonders that have yet to be found.


We have more than 20 years of experience in diving tourism and we've dived all over Adriatic, from Cavtat to Istra on almost every diving location along Croatian coast.

We offer liveaboard service, a 7 day long cruise on which we will visit cca. 15 diving locations.


About half of our guests are divers, some recreational some technical.

The captain is also a diving instructor, everything is diver friendly with possibility of nitrox and trimix diving.

In our itinerary we offer all kind of diving activities such as technical, wrack, cave, archeological and recreational diving. Or all of them can be combined in one route. The possibilities are endless.


Most of our diving trips are created by guests themself who decide what they want to see and where they want to dive. In a way every cruise is unique. But we can also offer you some of the pre-made cruises that we take mostly.


We have a lot of serious diving clubs with technical divers whom we offer some of the hardest dives such as mysterious Ninuccia wrack, 115m long ship that lies torpedoed on 90m deep bottom near Rogoznica, passenger-cargo ship Zagreb sunk in 1917 with depth of 75 m and many more astonishing deep dives.


On board we have two Bauer (200 & 280 l/min) and one Becker (450 l/min) compressors.

We have option of tank rental, diving weights are free so you don't have to bring your own, just a belt.

Each dive on island of Vis costs cca. 10€ but every of more than 20 diving spots is well worth it.



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